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Increase Partner Engagement

Create an emotional connection between your partners and your brand.


Make It Personal

Understand partners and appeal to their motivations. When you understand your partners’ goals and why they engage the way they do, you can build the kind of trust that leads to long-term loyalty.

Incentives are a great way to create meaningful connections, as long as they are tailored to the recipient. Deploy the right mix, level, and cadence of incentives, personalized for each of your partner types.


Reduce Friction

Eliminate friction in the experience. Partners have to manage relationships with many vendors, but digitally enabled programs minimize the friction that discourages partner activity and can lead to indifference to the brand.

Make it easy for partners to engage, access program information, make claims, receive funds, and seek support. If you fail to do so, you risk partners moving their business elsewhere.


Create Memorable Experiences

If you want partners to see your brand as special, make them feel special. Use campaign launch activities and experiential marketing to create buzz for a program, celebrate successes, and build momentum.

Take advantage of automation, but make sure to design opportunities that enable partners to interact with humans. Good partner experience minimizes friction, boosts efficiencies, and maintains a human element as a part of the program.

Build Partner Engagement Persistently and Purposefully

Tailor Messaging

Customize content to your audience and boost conversions with targeted, personalized messaging.

Foster Loyalty

Bring incentive management to life with fun, in-person events to underscore brand culture and partner loyalty. 

Gamify Rewards

Leverage gamification to motivate and reward users and increase overall participation.

Celebrate Success

Reinforce partner engagement by celebrating every victory, large and small, to maintain motivation.

Boost Engagement

Increase partner interaction and brand credibility as you scale your business and partner base.

Maintain Focus

Strive for consistency and sustainability through targeted analytics and pre-defined KPIs.

Change the Way Your Partners Engage with You