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Boost awareness of your brand and your programs so you can grow your share of wallet.


Incentivize Sales Performance

Sellers know how to sell. Now, getting them to sell you instead of your competitor is another story. Demonstrate how they can make money and reward their performance. With partners of all kinds representing more and more brands, and the number of ad hoc incentives increasing, it’s essential that your programs are clear and visible.

Structure incentives with the right mix, level, and frequency; communicate the targets, rules of engagement, and potential earnings succinctly; and automate labor-intensive workflows to ensure that payments are prompt and accurate.


Reward Activities and Behaviors

Make longer-term investments. New influencers, larger buying groups, and longer sales cycles have shined a light on the importance of incentivizing the activities and behaviors that lead to a sale, not just the transaction itself.

Take the time to understand how partners support the buyer journey, then run programs that positively impact behavior at each point. Rewards could be role-specific or stage-specific so that your compensation model matches your sales process and accelerates time to revenue.


Sustain Investment

Be consistent in your programming. Invest in partners whether you’re incentivizing performance, behavior, or their mastery of your products.

Macroeconomic forces can push many companies to want to tighten purse strings. Learn which programs work in what segments of your channel so you can focus your spend, conserve resources, and maximize your output no matter the conditions. This will earn the loyalty of the channel and position you positively when economics turn more favorable.

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Sales Growth That Pushes Beyond Basic Reporting

Leverage Data

Extract meaningful insights from your data to determine the right mix, level, and frequency of sales incentives.

Review Status

Identify, correct, or remove incomplete or inaccurate claims with the help of a single channel-data repository.

Aggregate Insights

Analyze data across programs and products to better understand what promotions are performing in the markets you serve.

Get Expertise

Apply a cross-industry perspective to incentive program design, including benchmarks for spend and best practices for implementation.

Analyze Outcomes

Tap our data science team to better understand patterns and predict future claims activity with sophisticated modelling.

Create Consistency

Get dependable data that can drive predictable growth through push and pull marketing strategies.

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