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Claim Audit

Outsource claim reviews with all the checks and balances you need.

Protect Your Business from Fraud

Reduce the risk of non-compliant payments and remove friction from your experience.

$ 3 B
annual volume of partner payments (360insights benchmark)
$ 102 M
annual savings from non-compliance (360insights benchmark)
99.7 %
claim processing accuracy (360insights benchmark)
16 M
annual partner claims processed (360insights benchmark)

Multiple Claim Verification Methods

Verify the authenticity of claims. Tap into a variety of different attributes to thoroughly check a transaction. Compare with authoritative data sources such as serial numbers or promotional codes, physically verify using supporting documentation, and vet against program terms and conditions.

Advanced Risk Management and Controls

Process claims with speed and accuracy. Combine templated business rules and sophisticated algorithms to detect fraud and reduce the occurrence of false positives. With the right people and technology, you can identify duplicate claims, uncover inconsistencies, and mitigate the risk of bad behavior.

Risk Profiling Across Customers

There’s no substitute for experience. With more than a decade managing claims, every audit draws on tens of millions of transactions processed every year. Stay ahead of fraudsters, monitor watchlists, and quickly identify abnormal behaviors based on similar customer personas or common industry trends.

Our Reputation Is at Stake as Much as Yours

Faster Data Entry

Process paper claims with an expert team or automate data imports to get claims approved faster.

Risk Mitigation

Lower the probability and severity of losses from non-compliance through digitally validated claims and advanced controls.

Program Flexibility

Launch a new incentive program in-market quickly and more efficiently with a scalable and contingent workforce. 

Industry Knowledge

Monitor fraud cases to bring industry trend analysis and deep risk management expertise to every claim review. 

Global Reach

Serve partners in multiple languages and in various markets with data entry, claim process, and local language translations. 

Predictive Analytics

Forecast claim volumes through sophisticated algorithms and the predictive power of machine learning.

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