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Fund Management

Improve how you manage partner co-marketing spend and approvals.

Drive Results for Your Co-Marketing Programs

Combine workflow automation and payment processing for better fund management.

17 %
total budget allocated to channel marketing (source: Forrester Research)
23 %
increased MDF investment by high-performers (source: Forrester Research)
100 %
claims audited for fund disbursement (360insights benchmark)
claims processed (360insights customer)
Get a Bigger Share of the Pie

Get a Bigger Share of the Pie

Take market share away from competitors. Invest in partner marketing programs with simple and intuitive fund allocation, approval workflows, and disbursements. Tap the relationships, connections, and brand presence of your partners to win a larger share of your market, and find the small changes that can lead to huge growth.

Build your Brand Together

Build Your Brand Together

Control costs and expand your reach. Get smarter about how you spend your co-op advertising budget, manage the accrual and disbursement of funds, and ask for more detail about where and how money is spent. In the end, complement your national brand campaigns with local marketing initiatives that align to your strategy and goals.

Develop New Markets

Develop New Markets

Unlock the next wave of growth. Expand your total addressable market by funding partner marketing initiatives in new geographies or categories. Provide clear rules of engagement for qualification, shorter approval times, and prompt payments to keep finding and pursuing new market segments and sources of future growth.

Boost Partner Marketing Fund Utilization and Spend Optimization

FM Program Funding Icon

Flexible Funding

Fund programs through accrual, allocation, or fund on approval, and manage based on geography, partner tier, or type.
FM Faster Approvals Icon

Faster Approvals

Speed time to approval with flexible workflows based on activity, investment, or geography.
FM Timely Reimbursements Icon

Timely Payments

Streamline the reimbursement process with partial payments and multi-currency.
FM Brand Compliance Icon

Brand Compliance

Ensure proof is attached to each marketing proposal and claim with built-in user guidance.

FM Easy Budgeting Icon

Easy Budgeting

Understand committed and available budget with advanced reporting.
FM Risk Reduction Icon

Risk Reduction

Lower the risk of overspending by fully auditing campaign requests.
Mitigate Risk Without Sacrificing Experience

Mitigate Risk Without Sacrificing Experience

Processing rewards is just the beginning. We audit every claim, reconcile every payment, and analyze every transaction so you don’t have to.

With an unmatched combination of audit, analytics, and expertise, 360insights protects your business by detecting and responding to fraud without impacting valid claims or compromising the experience. More than a platform, it’s a partnership.

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