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Automate your channel incentive programs from OEM to aftermarket.


Tire Manufacturers

A recommendation from a dealer carries a lot of weight with consumers. And with independents holding a majority of the market share for replacement tires, it is critical to equip them with the resources they need to be successful.

With 360insights, we help you to get traction with dealers, both independents and national chains, through sales incentives and promotions. Impact consumer choice at the point of sale and time of install.


Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers

The aftermarket is going digital. Yet consumers are still demanding guidance, deep product knowledge, and technical expertise when selecting replacement parts.

With our flexible incentives management solutions, you can create a distribution advantage. Move your product on and off the shelf with incentives that encourage distributors and dealers to learn, advocate for, and sell your brands.


Vehicle Manufacturers

Between 10-20% of your revenue is spent on tactical incentives. When those dollars are misallocated, it can have an adverse impact on profitability and growth.

We help car manufacturers take a data-driven approach to incentive spending. Move inventory, enhance services, and provide financial assistance to dealers to accelerate sales and boost profitability.

We Keep Your Partners Grounded so You Can Speed Ahead of the Competition

Create Loyalty

Turn passive purchasers into recurring customers by gathering customer data, promoting recurring visits, and incentivizing repeat sales.

Push the Product

Launch new products, promote higher margin products, or clear out end-of-life products through smart incentive spend.

Manage Demand

Synchronize inventory availability with demand through the use of consumer and B2B rebates and promotions.

Upsell Services

Take a warranty claim and service repair and turn it into an upgrade opportunity to higher-end product SKUs with incentives and promotions.

Support Dealers

Get traction with dealers through sales incentives and promotions that impact consumer choice at the point of sale and time of install.

Prevent Fraud

Verify program eligibility by gathering inputs from the brand and the consumer to pass/fail every claim received.

Explore 360insights in Action

Gain Mindshare from Your Distributors, Retailers, Car Dealers, and Consumers