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Incentivize Learning and Education

Develop your network of product experts and brand advocates by connecting learning and rewards.

Learning Education Brand Knowledge


Brand Knowledge and Sales Accreditation

Provide rewards for completing sales accreditation. Weave incentives into your partner training programs to boost product confidence and improve program performance. When an individual believes in what they are selling and knows it inside out, it increases the level of connection and affinity to a brand.

Learning Education Gamified Learning and Recognition


Gamified Learning and Recognition

Celebrate every win, big and small. Motivate channel partners to increase their knowledge and become brand ambassadors. With points, certifications, and badges that showcase their successes, you can nurture healthy competition and ensure that your brand is as important to your partners as it is to you.

Learning Education Expert Service and Technical Support


Expert Service and Technical Support

Customers value expert advice. Look beyond the sales associate to tie incentives to your certification programs for professional product experts, service engineers, and technicians. Learning-based performance incentives (SPIFFs) can fuel an enhanced owner experience and facilitate upsell during every service visit.

Reward Every Success and Discover New Sales Opportunities with Incentives and Training

Learning Education Brand Loyalty Icon

Brand Loyalty

Increase future prospects with brand enthusiasm, commitment, and loyalty.
Learning Education Steady Results Icon

Steady Results

Offer more opportunities to earn through sales performance and successfully complete online learning.
Learning Education Robust Skillsets Icon

Robust Skillset

Enhance skillsets around product, technology, and troubleshooting to facilitate better performance and more effective sales.
Learning Education Valued Connections Icon

Valued Connections

Better knowledge of partner networks ensures stronger relationships and better sales outcomes.
Learning Education Competitive Edge Icon

Competitive Edge

Enhanced competitor awareness and comparisons strengthen understanding of how best to position your brand and services.
Learning Education Sales Conversations Icon

Sales Conversions

The influencer's role within the sales cycle increases confidence and encourages sales conversions.

Transforming the Way Partners Learn and Grow