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Consumer Durables

Create a durable competitive advantage through distributor and dealer incentives.


Home Appliances

Competition is intense. Whether you sell through distributors, independents or nationals, builders or buying groups, or direct to consumers, financial incentives can play an important role in boosting awareness and managing growth.

Build a thriving appliance brand with distributor, retailer, and consumer incentives that attract consumer attention, generate demand, and expand your market share for the long haul.



Heating and cooling products require a high level of technical knowledge: the product expertise to help you win more business, the insights to manage installation, and the know-how to troubleshoot and service.

Engage your distributors and contractors to positively influence product selection through programs that create demand, further knowledge, and incentivize purchase.


Consumer Electronics

Innovation is constant. With new products frequently coming to market and technology in a constant state of change, product life cycles are often short.

Be a preferred partner of your distributors and dealers through how you enable, incentivize, and support their growth with every new product innovation introduced and every new promotional program run.


Home Improvement

The right tool for the right job. Trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike demand it. Giving dealers the knowledge necessary to guide customers, service products, and nurture relationships is key to delivering a meaningful brand experience.

Power your growth through distributors and dealers with incentives that build product expertise and brand loyalty in your channels.

Beat Out the Competition with Higher Profitability and Happier Customers

Increase Mindshare with Sellers

Engage your dealer network and raise the competitive standing of your brand by delivering SPIFFs to the front-line sales associate.

Grow Profitable Segments

Win in higher-margin segments by capitalizing on the consumer’s willingness to trade up to higher-end products.

Support Your Dealers

Let your distributors and dealers promote on price or improve their bottom line. With STA, you can smooth production cycles and cash flow.

Manage Customer Demand

Synchronize inventory availability with demand through the use of consumer and B2B rebates and promotions.

Turn Service Repairs into Sales

Take a warranty claim and service repair and turn it into an upgrade opportunity to higher-end product SKUs with incentives and promotions.

Prevent and Manage Fraud

Verify program eligibility and audit claims received to reduce revenue loss and improve the effectiveness of your spend.

Explore 360insights in Action

Monitor Consumer Products Sales in Real Time