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Health Plans & Insurance

Tailor your member incentive programs to increase participation in preventive care, reduce costs for payers, and improve health outcomes.

Health Plans & Insurance Medicaid Managed Care


Medicaid Managed Care

Keep Medicaid plan members healthy. Build targeted wellness programs that not only encourage healthy behaviors but address individual risk factors that impact outcomes, utilization, and spend.

Guide and support your members to better health with the use of incentives that reward completing risk assessments, health screenings, wellness checks, and lifestyle and behavioral coaching, all while adhering to CMS and state Medicaid guidelines.

Health Plans & Insurance Medicare Advantage


Medicare Advantage Programs

Move Medicare members to action and take steps that improve their health. Use incentive rewards effectively and within CMS guidelines to improve member outcomes and close HEDIS gaps in care.

Design custom greeting cards that encourage members to utilize plan benefits and prioritize annual wellness visits, promoting a reward process that will delight your membership, enhance your programs, and improve your CAHPS scores.

Health Plans & Insurance Health Plans


Commercial Healthcare Plans

Support employee health and well-being. Find simple and effective ways to reward employees for healthy decisions, and ensure workforce productivity, boost employee morale, and reduce healthcare costs.

Provide a platform that lets employees earn and redeem points, providing a wide selection of prepaid cards, gift cards, and health and fitness merchandise in a branded program site.

Use incentives to positively impact member engagement and health spend

Health Plans & Insurance Member Choice Icon

Flex Rewards

Offer flexible prepaid cards that support over-the-counter (OTC), grocery, utility and other specialty rewards to meet member needs.

Health Plans & Insurance Restricted Spend Icon

Restricted Spend

Manage how funds are used with restrictions for specific retailers, services (utilities, transportation), or categories (alcohol, tobacco).
Health Plans & Insurance Personal Support Icon

Cardholder Support

Respond quickly to member issues and replacement card inquiries with multilingual contact centers based in the U.S.
Health Plans & Insurance Claim Workflows Icon

Claim Workflows

Offer a redemption process that is based on claims or self-attestation, validating the member and procedure, and expediting processing.
Health Plans & Insurance CMS Compliant Icon

CMS Compliant

Adhere to CMS regulations by qualifying members, tracking health actions, and managing reward fulfilment.
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Process and store all sensitive data in a manner that allows organizations subject to HIPAA to maintain regulatory compliance.

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