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We Are All Insighters

Our Vision for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusion and Belonging

At 360insights, we define Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in the workplace as having a welcoming place of work for ALL of our team members, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, creed, socioeconomic status, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, neuro or physical diversity, and past experience.

In line with our value, Be Real and Have Fun, we aim for all of our team members to feel empowered to speak, dress and act as their true, authentic selves while demonstrating respect.

We celebrate individuality, differences, and similarities, because the greatest possibilities come when we are all working as one team, each given the opportunity to bring our own superpowers to the table.

Accepted for Who I Am

While we have more work to do, we’re investing in the advancement of our DEIB efforts through company-wide awareness and perspective-sharing initiatives, ongoing education for our team and empowering our Employee Resource Groups (360communities) so they can support our Insighters and our wider 360insights community.

As a metric to measuring belonging at 360insights, we have asked Insighters to rate the question “In general, I feel accepted for who I am at 360insights” on a 4-point scale.

Our goal is to maintain our score of 3.8 (while we undertake initiatives to reach the longer-term goal of 4), as we re-inquire on a regular cadence, and to support this.

DEIB goals at 360insights

Below are our key DEIB targets to take us through to 2027.

Candidate Diversity
GOAL 2027
Baseline Q1-2024

Increase the diversity of our Insighters by attracting 50% of our candidate pipeline from under-represented* groups, through networking, partnerships, and sharing of job postings**, to inclusive/diverse networks in addition to traditional channels.

Women in Tech
GOAL 2027

Baseline Q1-2024

Increase the number of Women in technology roles from 1:4*** to 2:5, with a longer-term goal of reaching equal representation, through internal development, targeted partnerships, networking, inclusive work arrangements and benefits**.

Leadership Diversity
Diversity: All-Company

Diversity: Leadership

Build a leadership team, including executives, reflecting our team’s diversity. Alongside increasing our diversity of candidates and team, we look to grow traditionally under-represented team members into leadership roles.

In order to reach our targets we commit to consistently meeting our goal of having 100% of Insighters (team members, people leaders and executives) complete yearly targeted learning on topical subject matter in the DEIB space, to continue making 360insights a great place to work for all.

*Subset groups whose population holds a smaller percentage of the total 360insights population

**Pay transparency, flexible inclusive work arrangements and benefits will be highlighted in job postings

***Current representation is taken from anonymous self-identification data in our HRIS

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