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Powering Partner Ecosystem Performance with Collaboration

Blog about Powering partner ecosystem performance with collaboration

Partner Proliferation: 

The number of partner channels used by customers has proliferated over recent years. With this increase, vendor organizations have felt increased pressure to adapt to customer preferences by ensuring they support complex channel ecosystems and partners with channel incentives to optimize revenue. 

In fact, we’re witnessing channel partner program silos being built on top of other silos. This has culminated in disorganized and inefficient partner resources, spiff incentives, market development funds, rebate management, and processes where partners are asked to access and operate across disjointed partner portals and channel technology. 

Legacy Lows: 

Even when partners are being offered multiple business support initiatives, it doesn’t drive sustained revenue because these disparate silos do not organically engage the best partner practices.  Even worse: when left unaddressed for too long, siloed partner programs and channel incentives lead to partner disengagement and dissatisfaction; which impacts overall revenue potentials. 

A recent insights paper cited, 69% of organizations report that legacy technology hinders revenue growth due to business delays from slow on-boarding processes of partners and customers. 

So, why hinder your partner performance and revenue potential when you can bring collaboration to your channel technology stack to realize better performance? 


Modern, cloud based Partner Ecosystem Management platforms are here now. The right solutions can fuel collaboration between a myriad of channel partner incentive programs, channel partner sites and channel technology in a single unifying interface. Designed to increase community sharing, adoption and participation across business opportunities, these partner platforms improve productivity and revenue across multiple business partners and segments. 


So, why not give yourself some power  - or at least some powerful thinking - to enhance your partner performance through partner ecosystem management collaboration? Ecosystem orchestration enables organizations to move away from outdated manual systems and toward automated and streamlined processes that scale their programs and fuel their sales, marketing, and demand generation strategies.

Learn about the importance of partner ecosystem management solutions amid the growing complexity of the channel in this in-depth Forrester Consulting Report, and learn why 360insights has been named a Channel Incentives Management leader.