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Channel software to motivate partners and manage spend. You do you. We’ll handle the rest.

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The Challenge

Rethink How You Drive Customer Engagement Through the Channel

We get it. You’re used to a transactional relationship between your brand and your partners. But when you focus exclusively on the transaction, it can get in the way of building true partnerships and authentic engagement.

Times have changed. Expectations have evolved. And we've rewritten the playbook for partner ops teams—helping brands worldwide incentivize, align, and engage their partners to create value at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our Solution

The Direct Benefit of Indirect Channels

360insights was built for partner ops teams to drive performance and engagement through the channel. By using data insights toward better outcomes, you can grow revenue, change behavior, and increase loyalty of partners and customers alike.

Mindshare & Market Share
Partner Engagement
Channel Alignment
Product Knowledge

Ensure Your Brand Is Top of Mind with Partners

To win a greater share of the market, you need to own a greater share of the mind. Bring your brand to the forefront of the conversation so partners lead with your products, not your competitors.

Learn more about winning mindshare

Increase Partner Engagement

Change the way your partners interact with your business and solutions. Use incentives, rewards, and rebates to encourage your partners, motivate performance, and accelerate results. Or even bring your online digital program to life through live events.

Learn more about increasing partner engagement

Align Channel Sales and Marketing

What?! Yes, it's possible and when it happens, a beautiful thing. When sales incentives, rebates, and MDF all align to the same business goals, performance and productivity skyrocket.

Learn more about aligning channel sales and marketing

Build Product Knowledge and Mastery

People sell more when they know more. And the more often they engage with your product training, the more they learn. Mastery requires consistency, so bring together your learning program with a rewards scheme to promote engagement, participation, learning acquisition, and retention.

Learn more about incentivized learning

Products and Platform

Everything You Need to Elevate the Partner Experience

360insights helps brands motivate, equip, and engage partners to grow their business through the channel.

Incentives & Rewards

Money talks. Use financial incentives, like prepaid cards, ACH and wire transfers, and merchandise, to spur action in your channel. Incentivize partners to prioritize the sale of your brands, recognize and influence the behaviors that lead to a sale, and build loyalty for years to come.

Fund Management

MDF/BDF/Co-Op. We make it easier for you to optimize co-marketing spend with fund allocation, approval workflows, and disbursements. Not sure how partners should use the funds? Our channel marketing team can advise on strategy, design, and best practices for effective campaign execution.

Consumer Rebates

Put cash back in your customers’ pockets with faster payouts and higher rates of satisfaction. And turn your consumer rebate programs into opportunities for valuable data collection that can help personalize future outreach. It’s a rebate experience they’ll actually like and a process you’ll profit from.

Go-to-Market Portals

A single pane of glass, you’ve potentially heard it before. This is so much more. Three-dimensional, every point of contact, education, and enablement, in one place. This is where your ecosystem lives, breathes, grows, and gets better. Sounds like a lot? Just wait until you see it.

B2B Rebates

Encourage partners to sell more. Reward on purchase volume or individual transactions to increase order rates, improve profitability, and build better channel relationships. Purchase incentives tailored to partners so every incremental increase adds up to a financial windfall.

Pricing & Promotions

Tailor pricing to every situation. Selling complex products in multiple sales channels often requires special workflows to create a quote or to manage promotions. Remove the burden of manual pricing processes, improve your responsiveness, and deliver delight to your customers and partners alike.

A Platform Built for Every Partner Model

If you rely on partners, you can rely on 360insights. Whether you sell to businesses or to consumers, use a tiered distribution model or third-party marketplace, our platform serves virtually any indirect route to market and all types of industries. No matter how you choose to partner, or who you partner with, there’s one platform that can manage it all.

Learn What Sets 360insights Apart

We get you, because we WERE you. We’ve walked in your shoes and felt your pain, so we’re committed to your success.

Get partner programs in-market faster and adapt quicker to meet new priorities, new demands, and new opportunities.

Provide end-to-end delivery for channel teams from incentive program design to payment processing and fulfillment.

Scale globally and deliver rewards locally so you can motivate a single region or a whole ecosystem of partners.

Put partner teams in control with no-code configuration options, intuitive workflows, and an unparalleled UX.

Start small, then grow. Increase the number of programs and complexity, expand into new geographies, and add incentive modules as you go.

Increase efficiency, reduce error, and monitor for fraud and non-compliance with an intelligent platform and the industry’s best internal audit team.

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