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Fuel Automotive Aftercare Sales with Dealer & Distributor Incentive Programs

Blog about how to fuel automotive aftercare sales with dealer & distributor incentive programs

We know that as an automotive aftercare brand manufacturer, large supplier center, or network you depend on distributors, dealers, agents, and resellers to bring products to market and maximize sales.  

We also know that a channel sales incentive or loyalty program (sometimes called dealer reward programs, reseller programs, distributor incentive programs, or agent reward programs) can help engage dealer networks and motivate automotive aftercare sales in unmatched ways.  

However, with fierce multi-supplier competition and choice/price sensitivity across the customer journey in this sector, how do you ensure you are successful with your incentive initiatives?  What strategies drive interest and commitment for dealer and distributor brand promotion and optimal sales-follow through to the customer?

Points-Based Incentive Programs

One of the most effective drivers of reseller engagement are Points-Based Incentive Programs that align and drive behavior change and sales performance across dealer/distributor organizations. However, you must provide a mix of individual, team, and company-level incentive and reward promotions to engage and motivate the entire reseller sales team across the entire customer buyer journey touchpoints. This can be achieved by combining layered incentives into a single program built around dealer/distributor sales cycles and rewarding against achievement of stages within these by aligned persona and dealer/distributor business type.

From setting clear goals, parameters and sales volume focus with the right dealer and distributors personas and types - to measuring results: a set of best practices can be applied to drive optimal program participation, behavior engagement, and ultimately sales revenue.

Read this case study to power up: Optimizing Automotive Aftercare Dealer & Distributer Engagement Points-Based Incentives, or learn more about 360insights here.