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Achieving Channel Incentive Excellence with 360insights | Elevate

Achieving Channel Incentive Excellence

If you’re immersed in channel marketing and the execution of incentive programmes, you know there are major challenges to building a brand that effectively generates sales through partner engagement. Hurdles often span several fronts, from amplifying audience participation and nurturing brand loyalty, to enhancing programme return on investment (ROI) and return on experience (ROE). Overcoming these obstacles means resolving the main roadblock of partner participation: motivation! If they don’t know why or how they should engage with your brand or your incentive platform, they won’t.  

Speaking from experience, we know that traditional marketing and brand awareness tactics are not enough to foster motivation. But if you combine brand awareness with unique offerings and insight-driven strategy, you not only capture attention but also incentivise partners to drive long term engagement, customer loyalty and sustainable growth. 

At 360insights, our motivation is to help you achieve success through incentivised brand engagement programmes, especially if your business is struggling with “the big three” engagement motivators: branding and marketing, creative content, and events and incentive travel. In fact, we leverage several approaches that help brands like yours create a more effective engagement strategy. Here’s how. 

Challenge 1:  

Branding and Marketing 

Solution: Awareness and Advocacy Programmes 

Motivating your partners relies on your ability to properly educate them about the incentive programmes you’re running. Your marketing initiatives need to move past the jargon to detail the specifics of your products and services — what it is, why it exists, how it works, and how to interact with you. 

One of the ways we help brands motivate partners is by elevating campaigns beyond simple communication. We integrate marketing tactics such as emails, digital assets, SMS campaigns, gamification, immersive video content and more with ongoing data monitoring and strategy insights to create living programmes that accurately measure engagement over time.  

This agile approach not only raises brand awareness in the early stages, but it also helps you rapidly adapt to partner behaviours to maximise and maintain momentum as time goes on. This ensures partners are not just aware of your incentives, but fully invested in promoting your products through continued engagement. 

Challenge 2: Creative Content 

Solution: Inspiring and Encouraging Campaigns 

Creativity is the first bridge connecting your brand to your audience and in a sea of like-minded competitors, standing out requires a compelling presentation. This is why we designed our creative services to cut through the fog.  

Our methodology for creativity is not just about making things look good—it’s about building a narrative that resonates with your audience and encourages them to actively participate through content. We pair benefit-focused messaging along with interactive and hyper-personalised assets such as promotional videos, co-brandable assets, and even interactive games to both capture attention and entice users to participate. 

By going above and beyond with content – or as we like to say, “take it to 11”— we help create enthusiasm for your brand that turns customers into loyal brand ambassadors.   

Challenge 3: Event Management & Incentive Travel Rewards 

Solution: Unforgettable, Relationship-Building Experiences 

As impressive as technology is in the incentive space today, it cannot replace the value of building personal connections in your network. Whether you’re running a live, remote or hybrid event to engage your partners, building an agenda that motivates your audience to participate is crucial. It is imperative to hold events that create an environment where participants are not only present, but actively contribute to discussions and networking. But, of course, this is easier said than done! 

We have learned that one of the most impactful ways to build relationships with key stakeholders is through well-designed and expertly-executed incentive trips. Companies often utilise incentive travel to network with senior partner executives through reimagined presidents' clubs and drive sales performance with trip-based SPIFs; but more and more, businesses leverage experiences to recruit and retain top talent and reward their wider employee base. The impact of a tailored incentive travel itinerary reaches far beyond an initial sales uplift – the relationships that are forged or enhanced, the brand affinity that is created, and the unforgettable experiences that are made last many years to come. 

What’s more, when tackling attendee engagement, we go beyond simply getting people to show up. We leverage our event expertise to create memorable experiences that strengthen business-client relationships and drive engagement through tailored incentive trips and hospitality packages. Our unique travel experiences and unforgettable moments, crafted using both traditional and non-traditional tactics, directly tie the experience to your brand.  

Then, when attendees associate your brand with a happy memory, it creates ROE (Return on Experience) that ensures every event is not just an expense, but an investment in building stronger, more profitable partnerships. 

How it All Makes Sense 

As an insights and incentives company, we know the value of personalised rewards. Plus, we are big believers in a tailored experience, which is why we work closely with you to learn about your obstacles and develop personalised strategies to address your needs. This is precisely why our 360insights | Elevate programmes are customised and designed to address your unique business challenges – whether it’s low registration numbers, low programme awareness, or something in between.  

We accomplish this through solutions and services built on four key engagement principles:  

Education: We make complex ideas accessible to all by ensuring partners and customers understand both the "what" and the "why" behind every initiative while creating interactive content that drives engagement through inspiration. 

Communication: We don’t just broadcast information; we strive to create meaningful conversations by crafting messaging that connects personally to your audience and reaches them in the right way at the right time.  

Motivation: We believe motivation is the key to continued engagement and growth, which is why our programmes are intentionally designed to produce lasting engagement through a combination of insights, strategy, and unique offerings. 

Advocacy: We aim to turn satisfied customers into passionate champions of your brand by giving you the tools and platforms necessary to foster a community of ambassadors who amplify your message through their authentic enthusiasm. 

Are You Ready to Hit the Ground Running? 

Think of our Program Engagement services as the icing on your channel programme cake. We recognise the foundation you're building and act as an extension of your team to elevate your branding, marketing, and events. Our goal is to bring all your efforts together seamlessly. Whether you're launching a new product, boosting sales during the off-season, or building positive sentiment across your network, we’re equipped to help you bridge the gap between your brand and communities, showcasing what makes your business stand out above the competition.