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The Women Of 360insights: International Women's Day 2024

The Women Of 360insights: International Women's Day 2024

Behind every great company is a team of tenacious, glass-ceiling shattering women, and 360insights is no exception. We wanted to celebrate this International Women's Day by highlighting the women on our Senior Leadership Team. They are mentors, leaders, and advocates. They bring passion, expertise, and diversity to every aspect of our organization. And they are what makes 360insights, well, 360insights.  

This #IWD instead of adding more work to people’s plate with a webinar, we’d like to highlight our women senior leadership team members. Get to know them! They’re here to help! 

So, without further ado, meet: 


From left to right, starting in the back row:
  • Jenn Reed, VP, Channel Marketing
  • Connie Colclough, VP Rewards Operations  
  • Agnes O'Connell, VP, Marketing and Demand Generation 
  • Varsha Mistry, VP, Technology Professional Services  
  • Maryam Mesbah, VP, Client Services 
  • Kristen Conner, VP, Operation
  • Vanessa Sharma, SVP, Finance 
  • Trinda Searle, Chief People Officer 
  • Heather K. Margolis, SVP, Marketing  

Not Pictured:

  • Lilian Seidaros, CISO and VP, IT Infrastructure 

Take it away, ladies!  

Getting To Know Me 

Trinda: I'm the proud Mom of two children, with my daughter following in my footsteps in HR and my son pursuing a career in welding. I joined 360insights in 2019 and reside in Whitby, where our Canadian HQ is located. In my role as the Chief People Officer, I have the privilege of working with a fantastic team that oversees all things related to people, workplace, and legal matters for 360.  

Heather: I'm currently SVP of Marketing at 360insights. I came to 360 via acquisition of my channel marketing agency Channel Maven which is still inside of 360insights which Jenn Reed runs. I am from Boston but now live in beautiful Boulder Colorado with my two amazing girls who are 7 and 5 and our dog Zoe. 

Vanessa: I recently joined the 360insights team as the SVP, Finance, having spent the prior 7.5 years of my career with a growing tech company in the residential real estate space. I live about an hour outside of the Toronto area with my husband and two wonderful boys who are 5 and 2. 

Varsha: I have been in the IT industry for over 35 years and was on hiatus prior to joining 360insights as the VP of Technology Professional Services at 360insights just over a year ago. I was born in Africa, then lived in a small village in India for nearly 7 years before moving to England, and now Canada. I have 2 daughters, 1 son and a 16-year-old male dog named Remy. 

Jenn: Originally from NY, I've lived in beautiful Sarasota, FL since the mid 90's, so I'd call myself a native by now. I have two amazing kids; Will, 22, a senior studying Cybersecurity and Julia, 20, a sophomore studying Business. My life took an extraordinary positive turn when I had the opportunity to join Channel Maven with Heather K. Margolis, which was acquired by 360insights. We just celebrated 2 years post-360 acquisition, and I now lead our Channel Maven operations, Program Engagement, Events and Group Travel teams at 360. 

Lilian: I am the CISO and VP IT Infrastructure at 360insights. I have a background in Information Technology from Seneca College. My career journey has taken me from a real estate office receptionist to roles in IT, ultimately leading to my current position. I'm passionate about supporting women in STEM programs and actively mentor within 360insights’ women360 community. Oh, and I'm definitely a fan of pineapple on pizza! 

Maryam: I am the VP of Client Services at 360insights. My journey with 360 began nearly 11 years ago when I started as a project manager. I've grown with the company, engaging in various aspects of the business, and accumulating valuable experiences. I live in Toronto with my husband and our 7-year-old daughter. 

Kristen: Previously a fraud investigation manager at the Bank of Montreal and a certified fraud examiner, I now serve as the VP of Operations at 360insights. I am the mother of two girls ages 9 and 10 and I started working at 360insights when my youngest daughter was only 5 months old.  I'm a keen sports enthusiast; I play hockey and volleyball but enjoy watching tennis and curling the most. My growth at 360 is a testament to the incredible teams I've overseen, and together, we continue to achieve greatness. 

Connie: My husband and I are blessed with three wonderful children – two daughters and a son – who are now embarking on their own journeys into adulthood. Professionally, I serve as the VP of Rewards Operations at 360insights, following the acquisition of HMI Performance Incentives. Throughout my career, I've focused on B2B incentive strategies leveraging robust software solutions and streamlined award fulfillment. 

Agnes: Fueled by a passion for growth and collaboration, I’m a sales minded marketer that thrives on new challenges. I’ve recently joined from the acquisition of HMI Performance Incentives as VP of Marketing and Demand Generation. Family and friends mean the world to me. I'm lucky to have a fantastic support system at home, including a firefighter husband and our loyal dog, Gunner. 

When I’m Not Working, You Can Find Me...

Trinda: Anywhere near nature, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and traveling with my family and friends.   

Heather: Hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, and spending time with my girls. 

Vanessa: Spending time with family & friends over a hot beverage or glass of wine, playing with my kids, travelling and exploring new beaches. 

Varsha: Hiking local trails or doing a workout in my basement or gym. If I’m not there, you can find me  trying new recipes, on the couch conquering a sudoku puzzle, or watching a mystery/romance/comedy movie or bingeing on Tik-Tok. 

Jenn: Boating in and/around Tampa Bay, traveling with friends and family, dancing to live music, or somewhere in Key West with a Margarita in my hand and flip flops on my feet. 

Lilian: Doing jigsaw puzzles, taking dance classes with my daughter and having a good backyard basketball shoot out with my son 

Maryam: Skiing, swimming, and playing tennis. Currently, much of my free time revolves around creating new experiences for my daughter, introducing her to exciting adventures. 

Kristen: At the hockey arena (3-4 hours a day) or on the volleyball court (2 hours a day). I also love the lake life. Living at a lake full time  would give me endless happiness, but unfortunately they don't make hockey arenas near the lake. 

Connie: Soaking up quality time with my family. We're big into sports, either cheering at stadiums or gathered around the big screen at home. During the warmer months, we escape to our seasonal campsite near Cape Cod. If hot, you can find me floating on the lake. 

Agnes: Exploring New England in search of great restaurants and bars, immersed in a book, or cheering on at a PWHL game. 

My Superpower Is... 

Trinda: Listening, which I consider to be one of the most powerful forms of communication, it provides advantages and actionable intelligence. 

Heather: Perseverance! After building and selling two companies I'm now conquering literal mountains. My goal for 2024 is to climb two or more 14ers (mountains over 14K feet above sea level). 

Vanessa: Communication – whether I am communicating with my team, stakeholders or my kids! 

Varsha: Being organized and staying calm in chaos. Compassion for all life – including bugs and plants! 

Jenn: Wisdom. I feel I have finally settled into a happy place where I accept the things I cannot change, I have the courage to change the things I can, and I possess the wisdom to know the difference. 

Lilian: Intuition – Listen to the small voice inside that says, NO, not that one, not right now or YES, then act 

Maryam: Problem solving. I am a problem solver by nature, I thrive on addressing challenges but also actively seek feedback from others and firmly believe in collaborative solutions. 

Kristen: Being resourceful. There's nothing better than using what you have to figure out problems and find solutions. But I also learned early in life that I work much better in teams. 

Connie: My intuition, empathy, and ability to build trust. These qualities enable me to effectively drive change and accomplish goals. 

Agnes: Rallying people towards a common goal or idea and trying to bring out the best in teams. 

Between Now and IWD Next Year, I Would Like to See This in Our Industry 

Trinda: More storytelling, including the good, bad and ugly, so women, particularly those starting their careers feel inspired and confident trying new things, and taking on new challenges with less fear of failure.  

Heather: I’d like to see women giving themselves more of a break. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Not to ask for a raise until we’re overqualified, not to take the job that will challenge us until we’re beyond ready, not to give ourselves time to ourselves until we’ve provided our family, friends, and co-workers everything they need first. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others! 

Varsha: It would be good to see more women with C-level titles in the Channel space. I hope for more diverse, and global representation that can influence the Channel space e.g., designing programs geared towards sustainability.     

Vanessa: I would like to see continuing the momentum towards increased transparency and equity for women in all business spaces. 

Jenn: Throughout my career I've witnessed so many changes in the industry, especially as it relates to women, particularly around inclusion. I have experienced my share of challenges as a woman in tech but with each passing year we've continued to band together to overcome and rise above the challenges. I believe in this next year that follows this will only continue, especially as our male counterparts continue to join us on our journey toward equality. 

Lilian: An increase in women in the channel in decision making positions 

Maryam: I hope to see more women assuming leadership roles and empowering their female counterparts. 

Kristen: I want to see women challenge themselves and put themselves out there. Not every day will be amazing and it's okay to try things and fail. It's how you dust yourself off, shake it off and get back out there. 

Connie: Looking ahead, I hope to witness greater representation of women in leadership roles. Increased diversity at the top will lead to the development of innovative cross-functional strategies, ultimately strengthening brands and fostering customer loyalty. 

Agnes: By the next International Women's Day, I envision even more opportunities blossoming for women in the Channel space. Let's shatter those glass ceilings and pave the way for more female leaders to shine bright!