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Shifting Supply Chains…Help Sales Teams Do More with Less

Blog about the shifting supply chains, and how to help sales teams do more with less

Supply chains have changed, and they’re never going to be the same. By now, we’re all well aware of the impact supply chain issues have had on how we manage and plan work. According to the Institute of Supply Management over the past few years 75% of companies reported supply chain disruptions and 80% expect disruptions to continue…

Nimble brands are maneuvering and altering how they collaborate with suppliers and resellers to optimize manufacturing, inventory, distribution, and resale processes to maintain time to market, partner engagement, and motivation through the sales cycle.

Balancing sustainability, agility and remodeling are all key for recovery and rebuilding.

It’s a rethink, re-innovate and re-engage journey.

Help partners and resellers overcome supply chain challenges with new and collaborative strategies that fuel business continuity and growth – both now and in the long term.

Increasing knowledge and information sharing can aid resilience and engagement by improving visibility, flexibility, and customer-related performance. Industries that rely on reseller ecosystems to push available supply to customers can also embrace techniques including:

  • Transparent, clear knowledge and information sharing to aid reseller resilience and customer engagement.
  • All-encompassing, automated sales enablement across multi-media, e-learning and support promotions within seamless to participate platforms.
  • Adaption of re-sell promotions and incentives if previous offerings need to change to address new requirements.

Prioritize Sales Enablement and Training.

Equipping your network of partners and resellers with the resources and education they need to be responsive to changing market trends and adapt to new strategies required to maximize sales is critical. But easier said than done…right? Here are a few ways to promote brand loyalty and motivate partner and reseller success:

  • Ensure sales teams are educated with the RIGHT product knowledge at the RIGHT time and can sell based on business outcomes, specifications, and availability.
  • Help sales teams understand how buyers’ decision-making preferences and touchpoints have changed. This may mean alternative product focus, sales reach outs, stock notifications, delivery notifications, and customer support approaches need to be considered.
  • Encourage sales teams to think about the sales process not as a funnel but as an all-encompassing flywheel that involves sales, marketing, and customer success efforts working together to build momentum and grow.

This is a journey that will continue to evolve. Success will be determined by the ability to collaborate, adapt and innovate with your network of partners and resellers!

Get an in-depth look at how Supply Chains Have Changed Forever:  How brands can engage and motivate resellers for joint success!

At 360insights, we have conversations every day with organizations wanting to both implement new and/or remodel their plans to address market shifting and future needs. Learn more about how to address todays and tomorrow’s workforce with engaging, personalized and connected incentives.

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