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Creating Brand Loyalty with Experiential Rewards & Events



Travel incentives are a powerful tool for organizations seeking to cultivate meaningful, memorable, and motivating brand loyalty with their programs. By rewarding with travel experiences that are not only entertaining but also enriching and educating, companies can create a sense of purpose and connection that goes beyond the transactional and benefits all of their businesses for the long term. 

During this on-demand webinar, 360insights’ experts share insights and best practices for designing travel programs that inspire and motivate, while also delivering measurable business results. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • A plan for your next experience reward 
  • Strategies for tracking metrics and how to measure ROE (return on experience) that converts to ROI. 
  • The role of corporate social responsibility and examples for ensuring travel incentive programs are impactful, meaningful, and memorable. 


Featured Speakers


Brad Rolfe
Strategic Account Director


Jason Hartley
Director, Channel Marketing


Agnes (Fotino) O'Connell
VP, Marketing and Demand Generation


Sharon Maxfield
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Brad Rolfe, Strategic Account Director, 360inisghts

Brad’s almost 20 years in the Channel has prepared him well for his current role as part of the Channel Maven Executive Team. Over the past two decades, he’s been committed to one thing: helping Vendors strategically increase their Channel sales. Whether through branding and awareness, content syndication and lead generation, or custom content and thought leadership, Brad works to find the right platforms to help Vendors communicate their unique value proposition to Partners, and generally be more “Channel-rrific”!  

Working closely with both high-profile clients and newcomers on the scene has given Brad a holistic view of this crazy world we call The Channel. His successful and colorful past includes business development positions at The Channel Company, Channel Futures, Channel Manager at Microstrategy, and three years as an entrepreneur, owning his own food company. 

Outside of work you can find Brad and his family either planning for or on a plane to their next adventure! As an avid fan of everything food, wine, and travel, Brad is always up for a fun dinner meeting! Hit him up. 

Jason Hartley, Director, Channel Marketing, 360insights

Jason is a seasoned veteran in the dynamic realm of markeing and communications, boasting an impressive 21 years of experience collaborating with some of the world's foremost organizations and global brands including Bosch, HPE, Microsoft, Siemens, Nestle & Honeywell. Renowned for his innovative approach, Jason has carved a niche for himself as a trailblazer in crafting cutting-edge creative campaigns tailored to specific audiences, consistently delivering optimal returns on investment for his clients' marketing budgets. 

Eight years ago, Jason ventured into the channel incentives industry, armed with a wealth of expertise spanning traditional PR and media relations, experiential marketing conceptualization, video production, social media management, web design orchestration, SEO, paid social and display advertising and behavior-based email marketing. Today, he leads a dynamic team at 360 comprising creative designers, marketing strategists, and senior event management professionals. Together, they are dedicated to delivering world-class incentive program engagement and audience enablement initiatives to major businesses worldwide. Jason's passion for innovation, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, has solidified his reputation as a leader in the marketing and communications sphere. With a track record of success and a vision for the future, he continues to drive impactful strategies that resonate with audiences globally 

Agnes (Fotino) O'Connell, VP, Marketing and Demand Generation, 360insights

Sharon Maxfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager, 360insights

Sharon has worked in many facets of the channel business from customer engagement to solution consulting to product management and product marketing and everything in-between, serving across multiple industries. Her superpower, well one of several, being able to get in the mind of the customer and partner and provide the right solution at the right time and build a path to future success.

Sharon is currently 360insights Senior Product Marketing Manager, working with sales, product, marketing, and the C-suite to deliver an end-to-end channel platform, working with partnerships, clients, and our internal team.

When not speaking with clients or developing best-in-class product marketing resources, you can find Sharon with her 11-year old daughter and husband in Metro Detroit, reading, writing or exploring. Chances are she's at some new local coffee shop or being "dance mom"