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The Role of Technology in Channel Ecosystem Nourishment

Blog about the role technology plays within channel ecosystem nourishment

Given the changes being made around complex partner ecosystems, incentivized collaboration and data privacy, the need to pivot away from outdated end-user marketing automation and partner relationship management technology has become paramount.  

To help with this pivotal need, there is a growing range of cloud-based solutions that focus on the automation of ecosystem orchestration by attempting to connect diverse partner workings efficiently, seamlessly, and securely to nourish collaborative working.  Working hand in hand, incentives automation and ecosystem management platforms enable greater collaboration and process automation across entire channel ecosystem operations. This equates to nourishing enhanced partner satisfaction and partner to partner business for healthier business growth.          

Here are two primary components that will keep your channel ecosystem heathy, nourished and growing.  

1:  SaaS Ecosystem Feed 

A SaaS ecosystem management platform can…  

  • Connect to many data sources, surface multiple information and attribute revenue for all in your channel ecosystem to collaborate on. 
  • Offer a connected, fully automated platform across intuitive tools and programs working together for all partners. 
  • Offer the ability for you to vet new partners, identify customers and lead overlaps. 
  • Enable a frictionless execution of co-marketing and co-selling efforts across the partner mix to collaborate on. 

 2:  Behaviour Driving Fodder 

Behaviour driving incentives can… 

  • Enable automated communications, SPIFF, Rewards and Rebates to be offered across the persona and buyer’s journey. 
  • Empower multi-vendor solution builders for sales pre-architecture for multi-partner points scoring and rewards. 

One thing is certain: with ecosystem management and orchestration being the feeder and incentives being the fodder to nourish channel ecosystems for optimum growth, having the right technology is a must. Learn more about leveraging the right technology to ensure your ecosystem grows and flourishes.