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The Ultimate Guide to Points-Based Channel Rewards

The displacement of traditional methods by digital technology processes has affected every sector, across every industry on a global scale. The digital transformation of channel partner businesses requires new skill sets and a willingness to adapt and evolve. This is disrupting existing channel incentive and financial models, which impact every level of the channel ecosystem.

Cultivating partner loyalty during this time is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor that warrants a new vison and new approach to partner engagement and incentives. One that considers the misalignment of the partner sales process with the digitally connected buyer’s journey.

This guide offers insights around today’s digital transformation and advice on how vendors - and their selling channel - can engage with Points-Based Rewards to modify sales processes and align business to the new buyer’s journey.

eBook about the ultimate guide to points-based channel rewards

This guide will take you through how to best build a points-based channel rewards program. Learn how to create a holistic approach, influence partner behavior, and align behaviors to objectives to drive performance and ROI.

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