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International Women's Day Videocast Series #2: Selling to Women: Female Purchasing Power Has Evolved

Did you know women buy their own cars AND the parts that go with those cars!? Of course you did, it isn’t the 1950’s but sometimes it still feels like we’re selling in that era. The truth is, women are the strongest purchasing force in the U.S. controlling more than 60% of all personal wealth and 85% of consumer spending. That means marketing and sales teams at organizations in every industry need to rethink how they’re selling to them.

It’s a woman’s world and channel organizations need to start selling in it!

Join Heather K. Margolis, SVP Marketing at 360insights, Alyssa Fitzpatrick, VP SMG Global Partner Sales at Intel, Aimee Vargas, VP Customer Success at Zift Solutions, and Tina Gravel, SVP Global Channel and Alliances at Appgate.

Videocast about International Women's Day and Female purchasing power

Listen to this lively and informative discussion about what motivates women’s interest, brand loyalty and purchase decision making.

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