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Consumer vs. Instant Rebates: Which is Best?

When planning a rebate program, companies often find themselves deciding between traditional Consumer Rebates (CR) and Instant Rebates (IR) but it isn’t always an obvious decision.

Choosing between one or the other will always depend on your company's unique situation and objectives. When weighing your options some common question might pop-up. Do instant rebates outperform consumer rebates or vice versa? Can we expect more rebate redemptions from one or the other? Which rebate will maximize our ROI?

In this eBook we will answer these questions and more to help you decide which rebate is most effective for your marketing program.

eBook about consumer vs. instant rebates and which is better

Rebates are a great way to drive sales and engagement in your company. But what is the difference and what rebate program would work best, a consumer rebate program? Or an instant rebate program?  

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