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Sell-Through Allowances Reinvented

Price is one of the most critical and sensitive tools in a marketer’s toolkit. What are the best practices for responding to market fluctuations that occur when distributors or retailers act independently?

Distributors and resellers will reduce price to move inventory and free up cash. Predicting when this will occur is more art than science. Retailers often reduce price to respond to local competition or sometimes simply on a whim to move more product. Price wars can start anywhere at any time. It only takes one local retailer dropping price to encourage others to join the fray.

This eBook will discuss how creatively using sell-through allowances can align brands and their distribution channels around price promotions, dealing with inventory and responding to competitive price pressures.

eBook about the reinvention of rebates

Want to learn the potential of sell-through allowances, overcome administrative challenges, achieve brand and retail price alignment, and how STAs can create price visibility?

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