Get Yourself Connected

Has your brand been using an online Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver up-to-date product knowledge to the salespeople in your channel? Great news! The 360insights platform is compatible with and connects to all of the top LMS software, giving you the power to generate even greater leverage with your training.

Offering a SPIFF in order to incent retail sales associates (RSAs) is only the beginning when you connect your LMS to the 360 platform. In making this initial connection, you can not only begin to measure the effectiveness of your training, but more importantly you open yourself to a world of correlative data that is sure to give you the insights to grow your sales in the channel.


Measure It, Manage It

Start out by measuring a simple indicator such as the sales difference between retail sales associates (RSAs) who have taken your training and those who have not. Now you can start to test different scenarios – how do tweaks to the training content affect sales figures? How do results compare between video training and e-book or printed brochure training materials? Does a weekly product update podcast get your any additional traction? Do RSAs who take a quiz on the content have better sales numbers than those who simply completed the training and took no quiz? How can you fill in the gaps where the training is not getting uptake?


Ramp It Up

Your training needs are going to vary as greatly as the people you are providing the training for. Using the 360 platform to measure their training efforts alongside their sales outcomes helps you to uncover different ways to get your information into the right hands. Be open to the fact that people learn in different ways – some learn by reading, some learn by doing and some will prefer lecture-style instruction delivered via video. Luckily, digitized training can easily be repurposed into any format and delivered in whichever ways work best.

By benchmarking your early results and then checking it with occasional testing of data samples, you can ensure that your brand continues to eke greater and greater ROI out of your training efforts. Bonus: it’s very motivating for the team who creates the training to be able to view its effectiveness once it has been deployed to the channel. By tracking incremental sales lift associated with new training, teams are empowered and excited to keep improving future versions of all the materials they develop.


Amp It Up

Many of our clients find that tiered rewards are an outstanding way to offer continued incentive for RSAs in your channel to continue to grow their product knowledge. For example, you could offer a base SPIFF to every RSA in the channel, with incrementally higher bronze, silver and gold (even platinum!) level training certification allowing the RSAs to unlock greater rewards.

When it comes to training, you need flexibility to make changes and data to base those changes on. Having your training and incentives running on one master portal makes it easier to see how your training is affecting sales and makes it easier to do a better job of both your training and channel incentive program design.