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The reality is that most consumer rebate programs do not realize their full potential.
Customers are often cynical, submissions are cumbersome and the redemption process can be frustrating. Even after the rebate is completed, marketers have no way to measure the results and effectiveness of the promotion. Lost is the opportunity to learn more about the consumer and ensure that the last impression of the brand with them is a good one.
Start making data-driven decisions, measure the results and learn more about your customers to continuously improve and strengthen your relationship.


Build better connectivity with your consumers

Our Rebates Module enhances every consumer touchpoint including: input validation, automatic program eligibility and multiple reward options, by delivering an innovative rebate experience so you can:

  • Enjoy an industry-first mobile claim submission product
  • Build brand advocates through a customized experience
  • Understand why your customers make the decisions they do—and learn from them

Make every channel dollar you spend more effective.
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Deliver the Best Rebate Experience

With input validation and automatic program eligibility, your customers will enjoy a seamless submission experience. The 360 Rebates module inputs data correctly so customers qualify for their rebate, plus it offers:

• Online, mobile-first claim submissions
• Engaging promotions and enticing rewards
• Quick, accurate redemption process

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Outstanding Service

One of the founding principles of 360 is to deliver an unbelievable experience for our clients and their customers. Our Client Success Team handles any calls or inquiries from your consumers along the way and delivers an unbelievable experience far above and beyond what people might expect when dialing a toll-free number. The reason is that we work hard to go the extra mile.

Every interaction has to make your consumers feel valued and reinforce to them that they have made the right decision by choosing your product out of the crowded marketplace.

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Greater Brand Protection

Through a branded site and reward cards, all aspects of the rebate experience—from the submission portal to payment—provide consistency that’s in line with your company’s branding standards and guidelines.

Meet product registration regulations

Simple and efficient processes like one-click product registration encourages higher rates of product registration to help attain regulatory standards for recalls as well as an increased cart completion rate.

Gain industry expertise

Together with our Marketing & Professional services, you’ll benefit from our experienced team of leaders who are dedicated to designing, executing, measuring and improving your overall rebate strategy.

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Understand Your Customers

Our adaptable layouts mean we can design claim forms based on the behaviour analysis of millions of customers. This allows your company to attain the highest rate of completion and create a lasting impression, which means you can:

  • Optimize workflow
  • Learn more about and from your customer
  • Evaluate all your brand promotions & programs

Make informed decisions on future promotions by analyzing and recognizing trends based on claims data like heat maps, plus discover real-world visibility from your customers into the effectiveness of your brand’s programs and promotions on their purchase decisions through surveys.

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