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The Insights To Sell More

Your goals haven’t changed: you need to build loyalty with your channel and consumers in order to grow sales. What’s changing every day is the way people buy and the ways in which they interact with your brand. Running all of your incentives programs from a single software application and digitizing all claim information helps you get to know all the players and what their role is in your next sale.

Big Data is not another empty corporate buzzword: it’s a powerful business tool that can help you to work smarter, in some cases exponentially so.

360 compiles your incentive program data and then feeds you back powerful, meaningful insights that have changed our clients’ product mixes, expanded the territories they sell into and, most importantly, grown their profits.

Train and receive real-time feedback from the sales associates who sell your brand. Learn more about your consumers’ journey with your brand. Did they do any research on the social web before they made their purchase decision? Do they have the power to create future sales opportunities for your brand and channel partners?


Increased Loyalty

Connection. It’s what builds the greatest loyalty between a brand, its channel and its consumers. Loyalty is no longer a simple matter of what a customer will buy over their lifetime; it’s now also about what they will influence. Loyalty in the channel means that your products are the first ones being shown on the sales floor and on the top of the salesperson’s mind while they’re selling.

When you reward quickly (in days, NOT months!) you are building connection that leads to future sales.

Increased Compliance

Digitizing 100% of claims and claim data gives 360insights the power to audit 100% of your claims.

How important is 100% auditing to your company and its bottom line? In the old world of mail-in incentive programs, there were questions not worth asking simply because finding the answers was never possible until now. The possibility of putting a real number on promotional funds wasted through payout of fraudulent and non-compliant claims was the elephant in every boardroom. With 100% auditing, you spend with certainty.

This means you can rest assured that 100% of your promotional spend is being paid out toward compliant claims that are in line with your business goals.


Last Mile Visibility

One of the traditional challenges of selling through a complex channel is that the manufacturer loses visibility into what your distributors are selling to which retailers and in what regions. While it’s clear what is going out the door to the distributor, you don’t know which products are selling to which consumers for how much and in which markets. How are you supposed to refine your marketing strategy without this information?

Running all of your incentives on a single software platform gives you a view all the way through your channel, giving you last mile visibility and connecting your directly to your sales associates and consumers. You’ll know who sold what to whom, where and for how much. Our data insights engine will help you confidently assign real attribution between your promotions and real deals.