Right now, you have dealers in your channel that are still spending co-op dollars on Yellow Pages advertising. After all, Yellow Pages advertising has always been compliant with your programs and that is what has always worked for them. Or has it?

  • Have they ever explored some of the newer mediums such as search engine or social advertising?
  • What is working best for the rest of your dealers?
  • How can you help them to maximize their co-op dollars and spend with certainty?


Here is a better way for both of you.

The reality is that the more optimized your co-op and MDF programs are for compliance and usability, the more everybody wins. Dealers, especially those “long tail” or non-national dealers already have plenty of work on their hands and worrying about getting the very best results from the co-op funds is not likely to be at the top of that list.

  • Search engine or social advertising?
  • What is working best for the rest of your dealers?
  • How can you help them to maximize their co-op dollars and spend with certainty?

Compliance Equals Freedom

Knowing that your co-op dollars are being leveraged to maximum efficiency gives you peace of mind to focus on other parts of your business. Knowing that their ads will get funded gives your partners the freedom to get back to the work of selling more products.

360 allows your dealers to submit their advertising plans in advance for pre-approval, giving them peace of mind in knowing that their campaign will be funded. 360 also saves you and your partners loads of time with our compliance question-based processing: we take your co-op policy and we break it up into a simple questionnaire. Your partners and our processors simply answer the questions, rather than having to read and understand the fine print of the policy document. Using automated email, we provide clear and granular coaching back on claim processing results, ensuring that every co-op initiative starts off on the right foot. Where typical programs may have an expectation of 30-40% violation, we are able to coach dealers down to 3-5%, offering a claim appeal service to work out the rest.

360 also offers media monitoring and violation management services, with ongoing tracking of Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) and Promotional MAP (PMAP). Partners can use our site to help them build compliant ads – e.g. can check MAP/PMAP based on when they want to run their campaigns.

360’s platform allows manufacturers to authorize third party media vendors to utilize co-op funds as a payment method in their online stores. Real-time connectivity between authorized third parties and the 360 platform ensures that the correct amount of available co-op funds is being allocated.


Knowledge Equals Power

Receiving the correct information at the correct times helps you work better by helping you to build out your future co-op policies based on past successes.

Co-op relevant reporting keeps your real-time, immediate spend breakdown right at your finger tips, including spend type analysis so you know what media types your partners are buying and what they may be missing out on.

The 360 platform connects to your CRM and ERP software, enabling you to seamlessly leverage the power and efficiency of your existing systems and processes.

The best part is that the 360 platform lets you run all of your incentives program on a single software application, so you can monitor your brand’s spend holistically. This lets you watch for trends, optimize for varying market conditions and monitor it all in real time. Watch how a change in co-op spend affects uptake on your rebate programs. Measure how moving your partners off one type of media and onto a different media type affects sales, and see if offering a SPIFF in the mix makes a difference. The optimization scenarios are endless.