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December 30, 2016 - jking

Don’t let complexity undermine rebate programs

Welcome back to the 360insights blog. Today, we’ll focus on rebates – in particular, the importance of keeping them simple.

Approximately sixty-two percent of consumers will look for rebates before making purchases. Fifty-five percent will take advantage of rebates as long as they are for at least five dollars.

All told, rebate programs can build brand loyalty, but only if they are convenient and easy for consumers to access. Complexity can create resentment among shoppers, devaluing your rebate programs.

Modern technologies make it easier for brands to manage rebate programs. Digital solutions allow organizations to track sales and process rebates in one platform. Channel management tools can capture rebate claims made electronically and automatically track eligibility.

Today’s channel management tools simplify the consumer experience and allow for faster response times, ensuring complexity doesn’t get in the way of rebate success.

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